But that long-term, deep-down decision to consent to what the relationship or the exercise program may involve is all important and never to be taken for granted. And it's important at every step of the way.

by a Taken In Hand reader on 2004 Aug 31 - 06:30 | reply to this comment Thorough in his task Clearly reactions to Noone's opus is going to claim nearly as much of Taken In Hand's bandwidth as reactions to When rape is a gift. So far the cries of outrage (from men and women) seem to be outweighed by the cries of delight (from women). Take my word for it, some of us guys got a kick out of reading it, too. Not as much as any woman could, obviously: the male role in this scenario carries the responsibility of the driver, while the woman's role is to enjoy the ride. But still, it's fun to imagine oneself licensed to be ruthless, and getting one's money's worth.

I certainly am not saying that Noone's piece is fantasy. On the contrary, I believe him when he tells us that his long and happy marriage is based on this sort of relationship. And I believe he's telling the plain truth about what happens when a woman gives her consent to being taken in hand, and finds herself on the roller-coaster, the ride totally out of her control.

What grates a bit is that there's no sense in this piece that the man is enjoying a gift given him by the woman. If Noone's wife withdraws her joyful consent, he will be helpless, since he's not a criminal but a decent man. There's no sense in this piece of gratitude that she doesn't do that. Perhaps Noone thought a note of humility would spoil the me-Tarzan tone.

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