At the time I started dating this guy, lets call him X, I was just fourteen and still a virgin. We had the typical high-school relationship and we watched his brother and my best-friend destroy their relationship by becoming sexually active too early.

X and I had discussed having sex, but after seeing this happen to two people close to us, X and I talked and made what I thought was a mutual decision to not have sex, not take the chance of ruining what we had by having sex too early in our lives. Apparently, something changed in his head or life that he didn't bother discussing with me which may have lead to the incident.

I'll probably never know, and don't really care at this point. I have never had the opportunity to discuss things with him, now that we are older and possibly never will. We now live 600 miles apart, and he has not shown his face at any of our high-school reunions.

Also, I never said I got rid of any sexual fantasies, I was just discussing the fact that I still had them, despite of the incident. This for the sake of any readers that may think they are 'odd' for having these fantasis.

And I do live with my fantasies, and husband of 20 years, quite well.

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